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While most posts on are to showcase my writing, some may leave space for comments. This space is for constructive criticism and respectful debate. It is a safe space for learning and exploring cultures, perspectives and critical thinking.

My crypto project is MemeBlock LLC. I have been working on this project/company since March 2020 and made progress in my business plans in that time. Development is slow, as it is currently only me doing all the work.

Current plans are to keep this as a side-business more than a day job. As such, I plan for the majority of my income to come from salaried positions or freelancing.

The BBZ page I have been working on is mostly from noticing the high market cap of the health and beauty sector so to speak. Many young women entrepreneurs seem to be pulling in millions with Chinese drop shipping. While I hope it doesn’t come to that , I have started a blog on this site. Blogging or making newletters first seems to help me figure out what kind of asset I want to build for a business.

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Project List

Rehaul of site design and deployment. Frontend Design and WordPress CMS


Rebranding MemeBlock with site overhaul and business plan expansion with newsletters available in the interim

Health & NCBI Transcriptions

Currently working to remove cookies and setup login portals