Early Morning Funsies

I haven’t been able to sleep nights recently. A handful of factors have played into it…including a somewhat nomadic lifestyle.

In March 2022 I left Austin, Texas. I had been using Airbnb most of the 7 months I lived there. The rent was cheap but the living situation was crowded. I do like living with people but I also value being alone. The house was Never empty.

I left Austin and went to visit family before jumping on a plane to spend a month in Mexico in April. To be fair, I never felt firmly planted in Austin. Though I had great coworkers and had fun at work, I wasn’t making enough money to establish myself solo.

The month I spent in Mexico was meant for finishing my long-overdue novel. A lot of my time there however turned into character development. Though I was distracted by personal issues a large part of my time there, I also got more done in one month than I had in my entire stay in crowded Austin.

Now, vacation is over. And I am at somewhat at a loss of what to pursue next.

And so…I have reactivated my freelancer profile and started applying for remote jobs.

Will this work? Most likely not. I foresee myself repeating the process of needing ti find a job locally downtown before going back into a full-time engineering career.

I have also been without a car since last September because I prefer to walk to work…So unless I find a remote position or the employer is willing to pay relocation assistance, I see myself being here for awhile.

I am still working on finding a good schedule for myself, for hobbies, time set aside for a partner, time set aside for a possible child…trying to figure out how to not overly-attend to a man so he doesn’t feel neglected if there are kids or pets that come into the picture…

Anyway, in the meantime I am attempting to grow a YourTube Channel. I need to make multiple steady streams of income (since my memetokens haven’t shot off to Mars)

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