The Hormones of the Internet

Likes and replies for Dopamine

Blocks for Cortisol and Adrenaline

Thirst Traps for Oxytocin

This is why I don’t like the internet for dating, I don’t believe in long-distance dating and I dislike hearing songs about ‘falling for your socials’ etc , because these hormone games are all fabricated. they are not the real-deal. there is limitless amounts of time to come up with something clever and to orchestrate and it just isn’t the same as doing it on the fly 😎

the internet is really just a ego feed sometimes and in that way ‘she/he belongs to the streets’ comes to mind. the fabricated feed can be interpreted by anyone. there is no inter-personal dynamic and once people start posting things with ‘only him/her in mind’ that is where there becomes this huge gap of possible miscommunication. there is a lot of insinuation with no direct verification

imo it’s not good unless you can see, feel, touch, taste or hear it. nothing will ever beat in-person and you should build a in-reality foundation if reality is your end-goal

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