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Nothing more than Everything

One day, Nothing and Goodthing went on a date. After their date, they went shopping and Nothing lost Goodthing. Nothing looked for Goodthing and ran into Anything. Anything was Amazing! Anything was Maybething…Sortathing, even Goodthing! Nothing knew that Anything was Everything, even Badthing. Nothing thought Nothing might deserve Goodthing. There was no way Nothing wouldContinue reading “Nothing more than Everything”

A Philosophy of Inner Peace

As Knowledge is a Skill, Creativity can be classified as Knowledge of the Arts If you use only Empirical/Rational Truth instead of Theoretical/Intuitive Truth to cultivate your identity, you truncate creativity. You eliminate the intangible, because creativity is not based in reality, it is based in what does not yet exist. It is the imaginary.Continue reading “A Philosophy of Inner Peace”


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About the Author

Hi, my name is Amanda and I’m a creator, WP designer and research engineer. I became a full-time freelancer and writer in 2020. I spend most of my time working at home on this blog, my first nonfiction book and my startup. I may be on here less as I am looking for fulltime work to supplement my income.

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